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COVID-19 Guidance

General Information 

To help minimize the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the safety of our staff, other state agency personnel, and members of the public, our office is providing services by phone and email until further notice. (Office Contacts)

Comptroller General COVID-19 Memo to Agency Directors 03-20-2020 (PDF) 

Treasurer's Office Direct Mail to Payee of Vendor and Payroll Checks 03-26-2020 (PDF)


Accounting Guidance 

Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) Reimbursements - State Agencies 02-10-2021 (PDF)

Coronavirus Accounting & Reporting - Important Reminders & Updates Email 04-28-2020 (PDF)

CARES Act Funds Directly Received by State Agencies Email 04-14-2020 (PDF)

The Importance of Using the Statewide Internal Order Number for Coronavirus Response Costs Email 04-09-2020 (PDF)

Statewide Internal Order Number for Coronavirus Efforts Email 03-16-2020 (PDF)


Accounts Payable Guidance

SFAA Procurement Services (Refer to Right Hand Column for COVID-19 Guidance)


Financial Reporting Guidance

GASB Statement No 87, Leases - Update Email 04-16-2020 (PDF)

GASB Emergency Toolbox


Payroll Guidance

Department of Education Student Loan Garnishments Update Email 03-31-2020 (PDF)

Department of Administration Division of Human Resources


Additional COVID-19 Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

SC Department of Health and Environmental Control


SC CARES Act Relief Grant Programs

Governor's Office Executive Orders