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Looking Outside the Box

How taxpayer money gets spent is the most important thing to know when it comes to government dollars and cents– but it's not the only critical thing to know. Indeed, fiscal transparency in the public arena requires government to be open about all of its financial dealings, including many that are beyond the basics of a check register. Consider operations like the S.C. Education Lottery and national park tourism in the Palmetto State. These functions involve hundreds of millions of dollars changing hands, but for complicated reasons those transactions are not recorded in the State's accounting system. That's why we have added this page to the Transparency Website – to provide citizens with important information about their government's finances that is outside the bounds of the State's record keeping performed by the Comptroller General's Office. We also are including other useful material on this page, such as a link to the S.C. Ethics Commission's campaign contributions and lobbying reporting system. Have a suggestion for something we should add that's outside the box, or a question, comment, or concern? Please email us.


10-Year History of Tuition Costs at SC Public Colleges (PDF)

2022 Industry Recruitment Report (PDF)

Campaign Contributions to Federal Candidates

Campaign Contributions to State and Local Candidates

National Park Tourism Economic Impact in SC (Statewide and Park-Level Figures)

SC Education Lottery Proceeds 

See If the State Owes You Money

See Who's Paid - and Paying - to Lobby State Government

State Restaurant Inspection Grades

Track Spending Bills Supported by Your Member of Congress