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SC State Government's Highest-Paid Vendors

SC State Government's Highest-Paid Vendors

Each of the searchable, downloadable Excel files below shows the total amounts paid in a given fiscal year to firms by all S.C. state government entities whose expenditures are processed by the state's central accounting system. Expenditures of state-supported colleges and universities are not included because each of those entities operates its own stand-alone accounting system independent of the state's central accounting system.

In another step to expand government spending transparency in South Carolina, the Comptroller General's Office is providing these reports to show which individual firms receive the most state business.

State Government Spending Transparency

Highest-Paid Vendors

Please note: The Comptroller General's Office has vetted this data extensively in an effort to provide an accurate summary of state government's purchasing levels with businesses. However, some vendors might appear more than once in a given report, either because they have more than one vendor number in the state accounting system because the name of a vendor might have been entered into the system with slight variances (e.g., Inc. vs. Co.) or because some vendors conduct business from more than one address. In addition, the reports reflect certain payments to public entities when a state agency paid those entities for a product or service such as water service or solid waste collection. To keep the size of these files manageable, vendors paid less than $1,000 annually are not included. If you have a question about the reports, please call 803-734-2121 or email us.